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* AGF is a private fund intended for friends & family only. It is not available for public subscription *

About AGF

It is a 100% non-discretionary cryptocurrency algorithmic trading fund that was launched 16th July 2021 privately. The machine-learning algorithms are based on capturing the following anomalies -

(i) Momentum

(ii) Mean reversion

These 2 factors are opposite of each other and yet the fund works to capture both of these factors at their suitable times. This is what makes AGF stand out from the crowd.

Key Features

  • No Entry and Exit fees

  • Withdrawal of funds within one day of making the request

  • Weekly reporting of results and comparison with benchmarks

  • Competitive performance fees (in line with hedge fund industry)

  • Month-end detailed reporting of risk-return performance

  • Allows for SIP investments

  • Complete detail of trades provided on month-ends

Why invest in AGF?


Cryptocurrency as an asset class is itself very risky to invest in. Past bear markets have been very severe with Bitcoin falling around 80-85% every time and altcoins (if they survive) falling around 90-99%. The very high risk characteristics make it unsuitable for many investors. Even during bull runs, most investors still lose money as they fall prey of FOMO and hype.


AGF, unlike other momentum funds is an algorithmic fund,  that not only provides much superior returns during bull markets, it shields investors from losses during bear markets as well generating far superior returns than its peers (including Bitcoin and Top 100 altcoin index).

Current maximum drawdown as per backtest stands at 24%~. Even the best of equities and indices fall more than 25% during the bear markets. As a result, our investors need not worry about safety during prolonged crypto bear markets, nor do they need to worry about return maximization during bull markets.

Click here to check live results.

Alpha Growth Fund

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