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Consistent alpha generation made possible through simple techniques of risk management and valuation control.

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Alpha Growth Fund

Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading Fund

Launch Date: 16th July 2021

Equity Investment Philosophy

We aim to profit from investing in undervalued securities. Our strategy is to invest in quality, high growth businesses only when they are available at reasonable valuations.

We have observed that we get such opportunities only twice a year.


Equity Research Process

Historically superior performers

Businesses with clean books

Analysing Business Quality In-depth

Preliminary Valuation

We have divided the process of researching about a stock into three main parts:

  • Business Quality

  • Management Quality

  • Fair Valuation

Dividing our research process into parts help us to collect and comprehend information in a better way while focussing only on the important factors that really impact the business.

Analysing Management Quality

Final Valuation - with Quality

Market Sentiment Tracker

- MV/FV Ratio for Equities -

We have created this tool (arrived out of our index consisting of 20 quality stocks) in order to keep a note of the prevailing market sentiments. It is calculated by dividing the market price of the index by the fair value of the index as generated by the model. We use this tool to take capital allocation decisions and shift our focus among different asset classes accordingly. 


26th March

Proprietary Valuation Models 

Our speciality lies in the way we value business. Our propriety valuation models have been built to identify all related red flags and calculate the true, fair and normalised value of the business. We believe that since humans are exposed to biases and are bad forecasters, we limit the amount of tweaking we can do to the valuation numbers. 

About Us

We are simply a team of passionate people who love experimenting, trading and investing. Our mission is to establish our credibility in the market by sharing our investment strategies publicly before starting our own portfolio management services in India. We are currently operating a cryptocurrency trading fund.

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